Unleaded 91

Unleaded 91 fuel has standard octane levels and is used in everyday vehicles that don’t require higher octane performance.



Premium 95

Fuel with an octane level of 95 is made for use with high performance vehicles that are designed to run on higher octane fuels.



Hi Octane 98

ULP Hi Octane 98 fuel is the highest-octane level fuel available, allowing for greater engine performance and efficiency.


Liquified Petroleum Gas

LPG is used in cars specifically modified to run on it. LPG is an economical way to run your car and benefits the environment through cleaner emissions.



Vehicles and machinery that use diesel have engines that are built differently to allow for a different way for the fuel to combust. Diesel is generally more efficient than petrol and provides more grunt power. However, diesel should not be used in a petrol engine, or vice versa.

Regular diesel is available at all Endeavour sites, and Hi-flow Diesel is available at many. Hi-Flow Diesel allows rapid high-volume fuel transfer for trucks and commercial rigs with larger fuel capacities.



In order to reduce Nitrous Oxide emissions from Diesel fumes, many vehicles use AdBlue to break NOx in exhaust gases down into harmless elements before its expelled from the car.

For Diesel vehicle owners that also have an AdBlue tank in their vehicle, Endeavour serves AdBlue at many sites to enable top-up.



Endeavour Energy Fuels work with premium market partners including Royal Precision Lubricants to offer our customers a premium range of ISO 9001 quality endorsed products to suit a wide range of vehicles and machinery.

Incorporating the most advanced, cutting-edge additive technology, Royal Precision Lubricants products meet or exceed the highest specifications demanded by vehicle and equipment manufacturers including OEM approval of leading equipment manufacturers.


Electric Power

Electric vehicles, whilst still a comparatively new concept, are growing in sophistication and popularity. We are currently investigating how best to service the growing number of electric vehicle owners on our sites and are speaking to those in our communities to determine what is required.

We look forward to incorporating electric vehicle charging capabilities at our sites in the future.


Hydrogen Energy

Clean, carbon-neutral Hydrogen is increasingly being seen across the globe as the fuel of the future; a much more environmentally friendly form of energy.

However, the technology for producing it on a large and economically viable scale is still in its early stages of development, as is its safe storage and transport. Endeavour Energy Fuels is an active participant in the investigation of hydrogen as a potential future fuel.