Each site is tailored to the needs of the customers that use them, and the communities in which they are situated. No Endeavour site is exactly like another, but each shares the same values of quality and service.

Service Stations

Endeavour aims to challenge traditional thinking about what a service station ‘should’ be, and seeks to address the needs of the local community first and foremost when planning, building and stocking our sites. We are conscious of providing the services required by the community and making our sites accessible, now and in the future. Fuel requirements might change due to the increased use of electric cars and hydrogen fuels, for example, and Endeavour has already made space on its sites for use by future technologies.

Our traditional service stations supply petrol, diesel, and LPG, and have a convenience store where you can buy anything from bread to stock feed. Many Endeavour service stations also offer a premium takeaway food service to keep you on the go, and we guarantee a high standard of cleanliness in our toilet facilities.

Not everyone travels during the day, so some sites are open 24 hours, keeping you moving no matter what time it is.


24hr Unmanned Sites

Our unmanned sites are an element of our dedication to making fuel accessible in remote areas, no matter what time of day or night. Our expanding network of 24 hour unmanned facilities allow for efficient fuelling 24 hours a day.

Fuel safety is paramount, and both our above and below ground tanks are created and maintained to ensure optimum safety and prevent fuel leaks. Environmental protection is something Endeavour takes very seriously, and every effort is made to prevent fuel from entering the ground surrounding our fuel tanks, for example, by ensuring fuel tanks are kept on concrete slabs with appropriate drainage.

Travel Stops

Our travel stops – like all our sites – go above and beyond to deliver. They are state-of-the-art facilities that comprehensively cater to the needs of local community members and travellers. Break up your journey and visit on of our locations at Kerang or Mount gambier for the ultimate service station experience.

Endeavour is dedicated to continual development, including further travel stops throughout VIC, SA and NSW.


Duck Over

Our ‘Duck Over’ food offering partners with suppliers from the local community whenever possible and aims to set a new standard in service station hospitality, with tasty hot snacks and other morsels to keep you fueled up on your journey.


Need Fuel on Site?

Endeavour’s Fuel Shifters can deliver up to 53,000 litres of fuel with up to seven variants in the one delivery, whilst our agile Mini Shifters can deliver up to 7,000 litres to harder-to-access sites. Whatever your needs are, we’ll have it delivered fast.